Patrick Shiner's four years in a Long Island high school
are sheer hell. He is oppressed in mind and body by bully
Bobby Rocco. Finally, he escapes to a college in upstate
New York where he is delighted to meet high school beauty
Paula Decker. In Creative Writing class, he exacts revenge on
Bobby Rocco by describing vicious disasters that happen
to him in college, only to discover that a reformed Bobby
is indeed his new classmate and the disasters are all coming
true. Back on Long Island during Christmas break, Patrick
learns that the classwork pages of his Pixie Parchment Paper
Notebook are infested with witchcraft and that Bobby is
doomed to an early death. Patrick then races back upstate
to confront the witch, the monstrous horsedogs that have
seized control of the old town of Rhinebeck, and the evil
forces that threaten Bobby's life.